Your home is likely to be the largest single investment you’ll make in your lifetime. So, when it comes to your roofing or siding, trust the proven professional workmanship at BRT contracting to install your new metal roof or siding.
Are you interested in a better quantity roofing or siding, then traditional shingles or vinyl? If so, consider having a metal roof or wall siding installed for years of rugged, weary free performance, combined with a modern look! These are some of the reasons why there are more and more People choosing to go with the metal option…
Whether you're building new, or renovating, we can supply the metal and any other supplies needed for the job and pride ourselves in providing professional workmanship on every Job. There is a wide verity of colors and metal profiles available, and we would be happy to go over what may be the best options for both the look you want well keeping the budget in mind

We Provide:

  • Metal Roofing installations

  • Metal Siding Installations

  • Custom Metal Cladding Installations

  • Great Customer Service

We work hard to be both competitively priced, and to get the work done in a timely manner, no matter the building project. At the same time, we pride ourselves on holding to a high standard of quality workmanship in every part of the building process. At the end of the day your satisfaction is our top priority!